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Apple Watch Series 10: A Larger Leap Forward

Gadget 1 week ago

Introduction to Apple Watch Series 10 The highly anticipated Apple Watch Series 10 is rumored to be larger than its predecessors. This significant change is expected to be unveiled this fall, marking a notable shift in the dimensions of the standard Apple Watch models. While the sizes of the Ultra models in the series are anticipated to remain consistent, the standard models are projected to see an increase in size. Size Specifications The dimensions of the Apple Watch Series 10 are expected to increase from the current 41mm and 45mm sizes to 45mm and 49mm. This change represents a substantial leap in the size of the Apple Watch, aligning the standard models more closely with the Ultra models. The reasons behind this potential change are not entirely clear, sparking a range of speculations and opinions. Potential Reasons for the Size Increase There are two prominent theories regarding the size increase […]

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